Chiropractic Testimonials

"The people who work here are fantastic and very welcoming. The building is absolutely stunning. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Chelsee are both very professional and easy to get along with, and the work they did on my neck was just fantastic. 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone looking to get any work done on them!"
- Blake W.

"Such a warm, comfortable environment! Very relaxing."
- Lee K.

"We love Dr. Chelsee and Dr. Tyler! Such an incredible experience! Feeling wonderful!"
- Chazzie F.

"My neck and back have never felt better. Fully recommend Southern Family Chiropractic for anyone who needs help in back and neck pain."
- Tara B.

"My entire family loves going to Southern Family Chiropractic! My husband sees Dr. Tyler and he has helped with a lot of pain he’s been experiencing. I started seeing Dr. Chelsee when I was pregnant and her adjustments really helped me get ready for labor and birth. I had a pretty pain-free pregnancy and smooth labor thanks to her. My newborn is now a patient with her too! She’s also made my 4 year old’s visits so fun she asks regularly if she’s going to get an adjustment."
- Sandi M.

"I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Gravley!"
- Amber Y.

"I’ve been wanting to go to a chiropractor for years! Finally went for a consultation and as soon as I walked in the door I knew I was at the right place. The staff made me feel very comfortable. I have been seeing Dr. Chelsee for a few months and she is amazing. She’s very down-to-earth. Very kind. She listens to me lol. She also went above and beyond by printing a couple of case studies pertaining to chiropractic care and the healing of hypothyroidism. This is my goal because I believe with eve."
- Cheryl V.

"Southern Family Chiropractic is so friendly and they really take the time to understand your specific health needs. Definitely recommend them!"
- Kathryn G.

"Dr. Tyler has adjusted me several times and it has made a big difference in me getting a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. They are so friendly and teach you what they’re going to do and why it will work. So happy I found them."
- David M.

"Dr. Chelsee and Dr. Tyler are the absolute best! I started adjustments a little over 3 weeks now and after suffering from constant lower back pain and pelvic issues, I'm feeling so much better, I highly recommend Southern Family Chiropractic, not only do they get you feeling better they treat you like family!"
- Candie R.

"Dr. Tyler & Dr. Chelsee are the best at what they do! I like to stay healthy and get regular adjustments to do so!! I have learned so much more since I started seeing Dr. Tyler in December 2018."
- Collette H.

"After having back pain for several years, I finally decided to go get checked out. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Chelsee have been awesome. I've only been getting adjusted for a month but already feel a huge difference. Highly recommend this place!!!"
- Jennifer D.​

"Dr. Chelsee made me feel so comfortable and answered any questions I had! You could tell she really cares about her patients and only wants the best for them. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Chelsee and the rest of the SFC family!"
- Maggie A.

"Dr. Chelsee has been amazing to work with! She has really helped manage my pain and discomfort throughout my pregnancy, and I would recommend anyone who is pregnant to go see her!"
- Carly H.

"Dr. Chelsee has made me feel very comfortable and has helped my sciatica and my neck pain! I’m so excited they are in Mandeville."
- Dana A.

"Check out this amazing office for all-natural health care needs!"
- Erik B.

"Due to previous injuries, I was having terrible neck and shoulder pain for several months - causing me to lose sleep and suffer from terrible headaches. The treatment plan by Dr. Tyler has significantly reduced my pain and allows me to sleep much better now. THANK YOU DR. TYLER!"
- Cynthia W.

"I have had several adjustments from Dr. Chelsee and have never been disappointed. Her exam is thorough and her adjustments are gentle and specific to my concerns. My health is much better since getting regular adjustments!! If you've been looking for a place with great chiropractors & staff- look no more and go see the docs at SFC!"
- Haley M.

"I’m sleeping better and feel better overall since starting my chiropractic treatment with Doc Tyler. For the past few months I was waking up with my right hand & thumb completely numb and since I started getting adjustments 2 weeks ago that has not happened again!!"
- Polly M.

"My daughter (4.5) and I started seeing Dr. Chelsee at the beginning of February because of my low back pain and my daughter was dealing with an ear infection and sleep issues. My back pain has lessened so much and my daughter has seen some amazing results with her sleep. Plus, we didn’t come in for this, but I truly believe chiropractic care has helped my daughter with tantrums and outbursts at school. Even her teachers have noticed and commented on it! Basically, we love southern family chiropractic and are so glad we found them!"
- Kathleen E.

"After having my first child, my neck and back issues just became worse! I love to exercise and wanted to kick the baby weight but wasn’t able to do so because of the tremendous amount of pain in my neck and back. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Chelsee and was shocked to find out just how bad everything was! I’ve only been going for a few months and the changes in my posture, neck, and back are amazing! I’ve been able to start being active again and can keep up with my little man."
- Karli S.

"Was having back pain for over a month, and have never been to a chiropractor. I have been scheduling appointments at the Southern Family Chiropractic for about 3 weeks now and have felt improvements every week. Dr. Tyler & Chelsee Gravley are amazing at what they do and would recommend 10/10. They really do make you feel like family with their care and treatments."
- Brendan A.

"An office where you will feel welcomed and valued. I highly recommend giving this office a try for your health concerns!"
- Blake B.

"Dr. Tyler and Dr. Chelsee have done amazing things for me and my family. I have always had a hump in my neck because my neck is messed up. Thanks to their amazing care, I have noticed my hump decreasing, while increasing my self-esteem. My son is 11 months old and he is now receiving their care. It has majorly improved his sleep and helped him start gaining better balance to stand on his own. The staff is always so polite and I always feel welcomed each visit."
- Courtney B.

"Dr. Chelsee is amazing, especially with children! We stay healthy and happy when seeing her regularly! Goose is the adorable clinic dog, who gives all the love! You’ll always be satisfied here at Southern Family Chiropractic!"
- Holly L.

"I have really loved seeing Dr. Chelsee over the last few years! She is always so genuine and caring and really takes the time to figure out the problem. She is wonderful with kids and there is no one else I would trust with my family's health!"
- Brett H.

"Today was my first visit ever to a Chiropractor. Dr. Tyler and Dr. Chelsee were both very kind, professional, thorough, and patient! Their office is very welcoming. The staff is friendly. If you are in pain, don’t put it off as long as I did! Highly recommend Southern Family Chiropractic!"
- Steven F.

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